Wow-Leveling-Up-Via-Tunring-Quest“How do I get to level 85 fast as possible?”

This is one of the most asked questions by World of Warcraft newbies as well many seasoned WoW gamers.

Based on experience here are some best practice WoW leveling tips for anyone looking to leveling faster in World of Warcraft.

  • Goal setting – establish the leveling goal and stick with
  • Focus on fundamentals like questing and not instances
  • When completing quests, unless required in a quest, avoid grinding at all costs
  • Use one of these 2 best WoW leveling guides

Let’s examine these 5 tips a little more in detail.

1.Goal Setting – Remaining Focused

This is the most important step you will need to do before perusing your ultimate goal of obtaining level 85 quickly as possible. It sort of reminds of the joke, “how do you eat an elephant?”… the answer is one bite at a time.

World of Warcraft is a huge game that contains so many different aspects it’s very easy to become distracted. Therefore it is extremely important to always remember your main objective, “to reach level 85 as fast as possible.” In order to do this you must remain focused on that goal, and on that goal only!

Do not get caught up in anything else, forget about professions or making a bunch of new friends, twinking, and so forth . Instead only focus on reaching level 85 thru focusing on one level at a time.

2. Questing

Despite what you may have previously heard or currently believe questing is one of the surest ways to reaching level 85 quickly. The reasons I say this are several, but the main reason is the successful completion of a quest always increases your toon’s (character’s) XP (experience points).

Now some quests will also require that you grind a certain amount of mobs to gain additional XP when you complete that particular quest, thus raising your XP even more! And because of the rapid exponential growth in XP from completing these type of quests you’re bound to reach your level cap much quicker.

So needless to say you should complete as many of these type of quests as possible. 🙂

Another nice thing about completing quests is that you sometimes find gold and other valuable WoW items to add to your arsenal. While these items may or may not directly help you level faster, they do often aid with the advancement of your game none the less. Which in my opinion just sweetens the pot, so to speak.

3. Instances

Unless you have a quest for a particular instance DO NOT run instances just for the heck out it. The reason being, is because by doing so will only distract you from your current leveling goal, thus prolonging your ultimate goal of reaching level 85 faster.

Also please do not buy into the common misconception that running instances will quickly get you to level 85, because it will not. Instead stay focused on your current goal level and continue to complete quests that require grinding, and run instances only when required by the quest you currently perusing.

4. Grinding

As originally stated, avoid grinding at all costs unless required by your quest to do so in order to complete the quest, period.

Okay, I know what your thinking… “but there are tons of mobs roaming about World of Warcraft why not grind?”

While this is indeed true, and despite the fact that many WoW guides promote grinding as the absolute best way to leveling up, truth be told you will hardly realize any substantial gain in XP from grinding with these mobs.

Again I reiterate, stay focused on your immediate leveling goal and only grind when it is necessary to completing a quest. 🙂

5. WoW leveling guides

Okay now that you know the best way to leveling up in WoW is via questing it’s time to talk a bit about selecting a good WoW leveling guide.

Given the large number of WoW leveling guides on the market choosing the best guide can indeed be a daunting task for many gamers. Couple this with the large number of quest givers found in World of Warcraft is enough to cause one to reach for the aspirin bottle.

Fortunately though you will not have this dilemma, because I have written extensive reviews on 2 of the absolute best World of Warcraft leveling guides currently available. In fact these WoW guides are the most preferred guides of choice not only by myself, but by the vast majority of WoW gamers that implement the use of leveling guides. Either of these 2 outstanding leveling guides are all you will need to reach level 85 in 7 days!

Yep, you read right level 85 in 7 days!

Many people have done this using one of these 2 leveling guides as both of these Wow leveling guides provide everything you need to know to not only level-up to level 85 fast, but how to master World of Warcraft. Seriously they are that good and here’s why.

Because they contain the very stuff you need to consider when choosing a leveling guide such as;

  • Which quests to accept
  • Different strategies to implement that best fits your current goal
  • What items to collect
  • The best instances to fly to locations
  • Who to talk to for more information
  • Where to go

plus a ton of other cool features and tools.

The 2 World of Warcraft guides I’m referring to are from Dugi and Zygor, you can read my comprehensive reviews and watch videos on these 2 absolute best WoW leveling guides by clicking the following links:

Dugi Guide Review
Zygor Guide Review


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