If you are considering buying a leveling guide for World of Warcraft, Zygor’s Guides is a very solid choice. As they have the best selling WoW guides on the market, which is not a surprise considering that they do everything possible to keep the guide and included addons compliant with Blizzards policies. This alone will keep you out of trouble.

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With the release of Cataclysm, the whole face of the game has changed. The leveling paths that have been tried and true for years simply do not exist anymore.

Some quests were removed as they no longer make sense in the current storyline, while others were added in to explain the back history to the arrival of Deathwing. With that being said you can choose to either fumble with trying to find the fastest path on your own, or you can give a World of Warcraft leveling guide a shot.

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Zygor guides are set up to level purely with questing from level 1 all the way to 85. There are also multiple paths listed for those of you who prefer certain zones over others.

Personally I prefer to do most of my leveling in the Eastern Kingdoms, but no worries for those of you who like to level up in Kalimdor as that is included as well. 😉

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Zygor incorporates what they call the “Smart Injection System” that is set up to detect your character’s status compared to where they should be in the guide and will take steps to get you in the right place.

This system is so smart it knows if you are wearing heirloom gear, are set up with as a recruit a friend account, or if you have done the quests before. This makes Zygor’s guide a selling point with me as many of the other Wow guides do not account for things you may have done before.

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Best of all, it gives you a talent advisor that will assist you in picking the proper talents for your class. This is important as the proper talents can mean the difference between quick or long kills. There is no reason to do research on the best spec, then fumbling to find the order to get the talents in.

There are also a few notable bonuses that don’t directly help with leveling a character, but they are nice additions to the product. These range from profession guides on Inscription and Archaeology to a guide on the Death Knight class.

If you are serious about buying a leveling guide, or even plan to level up multiple characters in the coming months, you will not go wrong with Zygor’s Guides.

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