Playing a paladin in arena is really a quite beneficial choice: It is certainly simple to understand how to play adequately and so you may accomplish high ratings in no time. However just before I move on with my Paladin Arena Guide to describe the most helpful team setups and techniques for paladins, let me present you a handful of pieces of general guidance related to arenas.


First of all recognize your adversary! It is essential to know other classes’s abilities and talents. You must discover their weak points. One truly essential factor is knowing both your enemies’ and teammates’ cooldowns. Simply by utilizing a cooldown tracking add-on you can without difficulty figure out exactly what your competitors are up to as well as the very best time to start a full-scale attack.

Next, within arena, every thing is regarding timing and communication. Make use of voice over to converse with your teammates. Even though it is true, that you need to come with pre-defined techniques, however in the same time, you should stay flexible. And also do not forget: arena is a power team game, consequently you need to cooperate with and rely on your teammates.

Paladin Team Configurations

As a paladin, you could be healer or damage supplier. I recommend you to play along with Holy Paladin since it is much more practical than Retribution Paladin. None the less, I will provide you a fast summary of the best Retribution setups in this Paladin Arena Guide.

Holy Paladin

2v2 Configurations: Although 2v2 is not so well known these days due to the incentive limitations in this segment, lots of individuals play in it. The most effective set up in 2v2 is without doubt the Paladin and Warrior mixture. Because they are truly tough to destroy, whilst the Warrior can very easily eliminate healers using its Mortal Strike.

3v3 Configurations: This particular is the ‘best’ segment. Simple to get a team for it and also there is no incentive restriction. Moreover, it is the most enjoyment. Your very best choice is to manage a team set up known as ‘Beastcleave’. This is a formula of Holy Paladin, Beastmaster Hunter and Enhancement Shaman. This particular team is a killer: they will be unstoppable because of  the Paladin’s Hand of Freedom along with the Hunter’s Beast Within. Additionally, their damage is crazy, whenever the Shaman triggers its Bloodlust and Feral Spirit skills at the same time any time the Hunter utilizes his Aimed Shot in addition to Rapid Fire abilities.

5v5 Configurations: Simply because of the superb assortment of teams, not even the most extensive Paladin Arena Guide could tell you the very best 5v5 Holy Paladin team. Nevertheless, I suggest you to attempt a team having a maximum of 2 healers along with 3 to 4 damage dealers. One of these types of damage dealers should be a warlock for continual DPS while the other ought to be a warrior or even hunter in order to negate adversary healing.

Retribution Paladin

If you are absolutely determined about acquiring high rating (2200+) I highly recommend you to play using a holy paladin, however as I promised I will provide you a number of tips about Retribution paladins in the last part of the Paladin Arena Guide. First of all, you have to contemplate playing as a ‘Protret’ which signifies that you are generally Protection skilled centering on high damage output. The second is, you really should attempt to play using an Arms Warrior and Restoration Druid in 3v3, whenever you are good enough you can certainly rapidly ascend the arena ladder.