Dugi Leveling GuideA Druid is a great class to level no matter if you value more highly to level as a Feral Druid or as a Balance Druid.

The reason for this is that you´ll still be able to heal up after you get some damage. In this report I will describe a great Feral Leveling build and a great Balance leveling build.

The Restoration tree can be partially considered as you will see but a full Restoration build will reduce your leveling.

Feral Druid: Like a Feral Druid that expects to level up rapidly you really should specialize in your own Cat Form capacity simply because the damage executed in Cat Form is far better than the Bear Forms accessible.

There are a number of skills which tend to be much better for Bears than for Cats and so those may be skipped. Please note that this is a solo leveling build that concentrates on maximizing the harm of your Cat Form.

Feral leveling build: As opposed to saying why the talents that are selected are chosen, I will let you know why you can skip those that are not:

Feral Instinct: Swipe is a Bear’s ability so you are able to skip it. The lowered chance to become visible is not important while leveling.

Thick Hide: This talent supports the tanking form of Druids, not adding anything to quicker leveling.

Brutal Impact: This is certainly more of a Bear ability because it decreases the cooldown of Bash and helps make Bash last one additional second. While for a cat it only gives a surplus 1 second to his Pounce stun duration. It is not really bad though therefore that is precisely why you may spend a point here.

Natural Reaction: Absolute Bear expertise.

Primal Tenacity: Not beneficial to leveling purposes since you will stop in Cat Form and fear and Stun effects are not a killer while leveling. You should add some Restoration talents to this build owing to three reasons:

Improved Mark of the Wild which is still one of the better buffs about, Naturalist which increases your damage done by 10%, and finally Omen of Clarity which provides you a possibility to make use of your capabilities while not spending Power.

Balance Druid: As a Balance Druid you just try to get as much possible damage but also don’t want to run out of mana too often.

Balance leveling build

Genesis: It isn’t really worth it since Moonfire and Wasp Swarm are the only Dot’s that can be used.

Brambles: Yes, a good number of Entangling Roots can be utilized while leveling + Thorns, Bark skin and Treants boosted.

Improved Faerie Fire: More something for raids,  to pay out time casting this on a mob.

Both the Feral and Balance talent build mainly on maximizing the injury output. Why? Well the answer is simple; you don’t have a good number of survivability because you can heal up on occasion anyway.

Watch this video or go toDugi’s Leveling Guide for more detailed information.