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Dugi Loremaster Guide Review

dungeon leveling guideDugi has just completed their latest Cataclysm update for their dungeon leveling guide and combined it with their new Loremaster Dungeon Leveling Guide Expansion pack.

Being the Loremaster achievement is one of the most difficult and sought after achievements in WoW this new Loremaster dungeon leveling guide is sure to be a welcomed addition by many Wolrd of Warcraft gamers.

Dungeon leveling quests are a great way to level up in Wow, and here’s why…

Dungeon Quests – Why Bother?

If you been playing WoW for any length of time then you know that dungeons can be some of the most dangerous areas in the game, especially in the lower level instances.

Thus dungeon quests are often harder and more dangerous than other quests found in the above ground regions of the World of Warcraft.

And, …even though the monsters you encounter while completing a dungeon quest are harder to kill, due to them being smarter and stronger, completing dungeon quests does provide for some sweet benefits… such as…

  • Fresh Content – increased gaming experience as you explore and discover new areas in World of Warcraft
  • Better Gear – earn rewards of much higher quality than anything you’ll earn from solo quests
  • More experience – because they are harder, one dungeon quest will earn you near twice the experience of one solo quest
  • Faster Leveling – from the combination of experience of completing a dungeon quest instance and the monsters you kill

That being said this powerful new Dugi WoW guide will help you to acquire a Loremaster achievement much faster and easier than ever before. While adding a ton of new fun to your World of Warcraft gaming experience. Keep reading to learn more, or …

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If your a Dugi customer then you already know their wow guides covers some of the fastest solo questing path to level 85 and covers 48 zones… and now with the addition of his new Loremaster Dungeon Guide an additional 22 questing zones have been included.

With the Leveling and Loremaster guides combined you will now have a guide to every single zone in WoW!

Inside the Loremaster Leveling Guide

Dugi Dungeon Leveling Guide MenuThis new power leveling guide covers the Kalimdor continent as well as 2 large zones for the Burning Crusade expansion, and 1 massive zone for the Wrath of the Lich King expansion.

And in the Dugi tradition this power leveling guide also provides the fastest possible route for each zone and includes every single quest to earn an achievement for every single zone.

The step-by-step instructions makes completing each quest so much easier. No more confusion trying to keep track of which quests you have completed and which quests need to be completed.

This guide eliminates guess work and saves time… allowing you to focus on the uncompleted quests and achieve them in the proper order with clear step-by-step instructions.

Loremaster Guide Benefits:

  • Fastest experience gain per hour – as you level with 4 other players killing monsters non-stop with very little down time… Plus dungeon elite monsters will earn you more experience as well
  • Double your experience rate per quest  – dungeon quest are near double the experience of solo quest … 4 dungeon quests is near equivalent to 8 solo quest
  • Get the best items for leveling – from completed dungeon quests that earn better rewards
  • Detailed instructions of a whopping 50 dungeons for characters level 15-85
  • Experience every aspect of WoW  – dungeons are a huge part of WoW and mastering dungeon quests will allow you to experience all the other areas of WoW you have previously missedli>
  • Confidently play in a group – even if you do not know what to do, or have any prior group experience
  • Have more fun as you explore every part of WoW while killing tough bosses and monsters
  • Easily track all dungeon quests
  • Easily find your way around any dungeon – with the new way point arrow update (see below)

Way Point Arrow Update:

Dugi has updated his way point arrow system to help with multi-floor dungeons. Basically it works like this…

when you are on the incorrect floor you will see a yellow color coded stair icon for the the different dungeon floors, once you have reached the correct floor the arrow icon turns back to a white way point arrow.

This new feature will make maneuvering these dungeons a snap!

Plus the guide includes their own exclusive built in maps for the Outland level 60-70. Though they are not currently interactive, due to Blizzard has yet to release the patch for these maps, they can be minimized for easy access and provide a quick reference of the Boss location and quest area when activated.

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Watch this video for more details on the Dugi Loremaster Leveling Guide.

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