Zygor Guides 3.0Zygor has just launched their new Zygor Guides 3.0 update and it includes many new features and upgrades that have been incorporated into all their WOW guides.

Also included in this update are improvements on their exclusive Smart Injection System (SIS) and a new series of dungeon leveling guides to help players obtain Loremaster Achievement.

This new update comes as an answer to the chaos caused by the December 2010 release of the Wold of Warcraft Cataclysm expansion.

If you been playing WOW for any length of time then you know that all the newly introduced content found in Cataclysm has forced players ranging from newbies, to experienced, to even the hardcore gamers to have to relearn the game.

But now with the release of  the Zygor Guides 3.0 update this daunting task has just gotten a whole bunch easier. For they have completely revamped all their guides from bottom to top to accommodate the many new changes in the WOW Cataclysm expansion.

Plus they have redesigned their Smart Injection System (SIS) to make it smarter and more intuitive. And if that’s not enough… they sweetened the update by adding a brand new series of Loremaster dungeon leveling guides for 100% Free!

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Zygor Guides 3.0 Overview

As mentioned earlier this new update was developed for all the problems and hurdles created by Cataclysm. All their guides for both the Alliance and Horde have been completely rewritten to deal with the Cataclysm changes.

Plus they have added four full 1-60 guides for both the Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms continents.

And because  players can reach level 60 on either continent, these guides allow you the choice to quickly level-up on which ever continent you favor the most. The guides are detailed in content and provide information to a massive 40 zones… thus providing you with an over all richer World of Warcraft gaming experience.

Prior to this update WOW gamers were forced to choose either a single step guide window menu or multi-step guide window menu when using in-game wow guides. While both of these menus systems are helpful they both have their drawbacks.

One being that the single task menus often lack additional helpful information and the multi-task menus often are cumbersome and take up too much valuable screen space.

However with the Zygor 3.0 upgrade this is no longer the case, as they have completely redesigned their Minimalist User Interface window with a much more cleaner and compact design. Incorporated into this new sleeker menu design is the ability to allow players to easily switch between a “mini-mode” view or a “full-mode” view of their guide task window with a click of the mouse.

What makes this redesigned interface even sweeter is you can play with the window set in “mini-mode”, thus using less screen space, and then when you need additional information on a step just hoover your mouse over that step and additional information is quickly displayed in the window.

One of the biggest complaints among many gamers is the ability to see multiple quest goals at the same time, as most in-line guides only show 1 quest goal at a time. However this issue has been resolved with Zygor’s update to their Minimalist User Interface. For now players can see all their different quest goal objectives needed to be done in a single location all at once.

And this multi-quests goal view can be displayed without sacrificing a “minimalist” approach to the interface. This development alone is a game changer and is sure to make a lot of players happy, whilst saving them a lot of time and frustration.

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For those of you that do not know, another nice feature of Zygor guides is they allow you to easily transition from using other in-game guides to their guides without the need to relearn things all over.

Another nice benefit of  these newly revamped guides is that they are much less memory intensive than the old guides. The new guides use 82% less memory… going from previously 40MB consumption down to 7MB.

I will be writing separate reviews on Zygor’s Smart Injection System 3.0 upgrade and their new series of Loremaster dungeon leveling guides in a few days, so bookmark this site and check back!

These new Zygor Guides 3.0 are sure to increase the over-all gaming experience of it’s users, and if you are in the market for an in-game WOW guide buy am unsure if Zygor guides are right for you then I highly recommend you pick up a free trial copy of Zygor Guides today… to check them out… you won’t be sorry.