Admittedly, the Worgen are probably the single coolest new race added to the game since the original game was released back in 2004. Whether you’ve been a loyal Alliance player for the life of the game or if you’ve been with the Horde, killing tons of Humans, Dwarves and Gnomes, you have to admit – Worgens are pretty sweet.

But, what makes them a good choice if you opt to reroll now that Cataclysm is live? First up, you have the incredibly cool quest chains that make up the Worgen starting area. Phased over the course of the Worgen curse, then the Forsaken invasion, you’ll need to fight off not only your fellow Gilneans but the residents of Silverpine when the wall comes down.

Building Your Worgen

When you get started, you’ll be able to choose from Mage, Priest, Rogue, Warlock, Warrior, Druid, or Hunter as your class at Level 1. You can also create a Level 55 Worgen as a Death Knight, though you’ll miss out on all of the cool Gilneas phased quests if you do so. While the Worgens don’t get quite as many cool abilities as their Goblin counterparts, there are still some pretty interesting options for Alliance players rerolling.

* Darkflight – You get a 40% boost to movement speed for 10 seconds while on your feet.
* Viciousness – Gives you a nice 1% boost to all critical strike. Will come in handy for DPS that relies on crits like Rogues, Mages and Hunters.
* Aberration – Unfortunately, this got a nerf. Originally, it was planned to reduce curse and disease effects, but due to balance issues it now acts to boost Nature and Shadow resistance. Still good, but not nearly as effective for things like PvP.
* Flayer – Adds 15 skill to skinning with a .5 second speed boost. This will be huge when going through a zone where a bunch of beasts have just been killed.
* Two Forms – Allows you to transform between human and worgen forms.
* Running Wild – Worgens won’t get access to their own racial mounts. Instead, you will drop to all fours and run on your own. It’s available right away, but won’t offer the 60% speed boost until you reach level 20.

For the first few days playing as a Worgen, most players will just sit around playing with the switch between Human and Worgen and dropping into Running Wild form. For the most part, there are not too many features of the Worgen that make them stand out over other races, but they are so incredibly cool that you’ll have a blast nonetheless.

If you choose to play as a Worgen, be prepared for a prolonged quest chain that will take between 3-5 hours to complete on your road to Level 13. Once the chain is complete, most of your starting resources will be relocated to Stormwind City where you’ll find Genn Graymane with the Alliance leaders. You’ll also find quite a few NPCs littered throughout the older zones of Azeroth. You’re pretty much guaranteed to have a blast, though, so if you’re Alliance and looking for a fun new way to enjoy the game, definitely check out the Worgen race.